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Are you or somebody you know homeless?

Call 855-92HELP-1

Our Homeless Helpline is the gateway to homeless services in both South Florida & Central Florida, the first step in finding shelter, support services, or programs that help an individual or family who are homeless or on the verge of being homeless.

If you do not have access to a phone or cannot call during normal business hours; please fill out the Housing Request Form. We will ask a few questions to help us to assist you.

Call Local 954-924-3571
Toll Free 855-924-3571

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Use the form below to request housing. We offer housing in both Central & South Florida. Once you submit the form, we will respond as quick as we can.

We help, shelter, feed and employ many homeless individuals

Don't wait. If you or someone else you know is homeless or in need of care, please contact us for help.

We provide a multifaceted agency that feeds, shelters, and arranges for each homeless person to receive the necessary access to social and non-compulsory religious services to enable a return to a self-reliant lifestyle.

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